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Animal Care Team

Purpose: Provide animal rescue response and emergency animal sheltering for displaced animals in the event of a disaster in Linn County.

Lead Agency: Cedar Rapids Animal Care & Control and Cedar Valley Humane Society 

Members:  Friends Helping Friends Foundation of Cedar Rapids, Critter Crusaders of Cedar Rapids

Roles and Responsibilities:  Provide animal rescue and emergency sheltering resources in the event of a disaster or emergency in Linn County.

Preparing and Training

  • Provide Training to staff and volunteers in animal response/rescue efforts and emergency animal sheltering.
  • Provide training to other agencies in animal rescue/response.

Emergency Response

  • Brief staff for deployment into affected areas.
  • Coordinate volunteer support for staffing of emergency shelter operations.
  • Liaise with Kirkwood Community College for set-up and operation of an emergency animal shelter.
  • Assist pet owners with special needs, and/or special needs pets.
  • Liaise with local veterinarians to provide veterinary care to animals sheltered.
  • Liaise with mass care shelters to provide transportation of pet owners to emergency animal shelter for assistance with pet care, visitation and/or identification of displaced pets.
  • Provide de-briefing to disaster workers and volunteers as needed (LAP-AID members)


  • Coordinate with outside animal welfare groups for placement of unclaimed animals.
  • Educate the public on disaster planning for animals, need for pet identification and services provided for pet owners during the recovery phase.
  • Provide animal rescue group and animal foster care resources to pet owners with recovery housing needs or rehoming needs for their pets.
  • Continue de-briefing with disaster recovery workers/volunteers/ LAP-AID members

Animal Care Team Activation Protocol – April 2012

In the event of disaster/emergency in Linn County, the Linn County Emergency Manager will notify the LAP-AID Leadership of specific team activation.  When the Linn County Emergency Manager determines need for the Animal Care Team he/she will initiate team activation.  The activation flow is noted below.

 Linn County Emergency Manager

LAP-AID Leadership

 LAP-AID Animal Care Team Lead

 LAP-AID Animal Care Team

Steering Committee

 LAP-AID Animal Care Response Team

(Cedar Rapids Animal Care & Control)

The LAP-AID Animal Care Activation Protocol is linked to the Linn County Comprehensive Emergency Management Plan – Emergency Support Functions #6 (Mass Care, Housing, and Humans Services) and Emergency Support Function #11 (Agriculture and Natural Resources).

In conjunction with the Linn County EMA, the LAP-AID Leadership will determine scope of Animal Care Team activation.  The following information will be provided to the Animal Care Team Lead:

  • Reporting location
  • Reporting time
  • Location contact

In the event the Animal Care Team Lead is not available, the next action step will be to contact an available member of the Animal Care Team Steering Committee.

The Animal Care Steering Committee will determine number of Animal Care Response Team Members to contact.

Animal Care Team agencies with known process for conducting a conference call in a short-notice scenario.

  • Cedar Rapids Animal Care & Control
  • Cedar Valley Humane Society
  • Kirkwood Community College – Animal Health Technology Department
  • Linn County Public Health

Possible Locations the Animal Care Team could meet in a short-notice scenario.

Cedar Rapids Animal Care & Control
900 76th Avenue Drive SW
Cedar Rapids, IA 52404
Cedar Rapids Police Department
505 1st St SW,
Cedar Rapids, IA 52404
Cedar Valley Humane Society
7411 Mount Vernon Rd SE
Cedar Rapids, IA 52403