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Donation Management Team

Lead Agency:

Roles and Responsibilities: 

Preparing and Training:

  • Disaster Response Training Modules
    • DONOP: Donations Operations- basic training in donated good operations which is the major function of ACS DR.
    • WM: Warehouse Managment- how to select an appropriate building, layout warehouse floor plans, set-up the warehouse and various functions required to manage the operation.
    • FKLT: Forklift Safety Certification

Emergency Response:

  • To provide oversight and organization for "spontaneous donations"
    • Coordination of local and outside donations
    • Keep a current list of needs for the disaster workers
    • Warehouse space for donations
    • Distribution plan
  • Coordinate donations with local, state, and national agencies and corporation


  • Continued operation of warehouse
  • Training of volunteers and/or staff to continue warehouse operations