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Interfaith Spiritual Care Team

Purpose: To have a dedicated group of persons trained (national VOASD tools) to provide/coordinate training, supportive "presence" for volunteers, staff, community leaders and survivors of the disaster.

Lead Agency: Presbytery of East Iowa

Roles and Responsibilities:

Preparing and Training

  • Provide training to professional staff and volunteers who address disaster-related spiritual needs (NVOAD training)
  • Provide training to local spiritual centers on how to address disaster-related spiritual needs (NVOAD training)
  • "Light our way" guide for spiritual care in times of disaster

Emergency Response:

  • Brief staff, lay and volunteers for deployment into affected areas and/or shelters
  • Liaise with mass care shelters to provide services
  • Provide de-briefing services to disaster workers and volunteers as needed
  • (Should be a set team of trained individuals)


  • Coordinate with Case Advocacy team to identify and address un-met spiritual needs (Have designated person on CA team, access to resources and needs from pool of trained persons)
  • educate the public on the personal spiritual repercussions of the disaster
  • Provide spiritual support to clients
  • "Project Recovery Iowa" Resources (charges to educate churches/ communities)