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Medical Services Team

Purpose: Coordinate emergency health care services to all impacted by the disaster.

Lead Agency: Mercy Medical Center and St. Luke's Hospital

Roles and Responsibilities:

Preparing and Training:

  • Establish triage area for victims
  • Coordinate supplies, medical equipment and health care providers
  • Work with existing structures to use health care resources appropriately
  • Assist Public Health in containing outbreaks
  • Refer to appropriate partners for issues other than physical needs (mental, spiritual, etc)

Emergency Response

  • Activate emergency management plan in each facility
  • Obtain drugs, medical supplies and staff to meet the increased need
  • Treat, stabilize and retunr to the appropriate level of care
  • Oversee ratining of services as needed
  • Plan of mobile services to go out into the community


  • Assure people with physical health needs have a medical home for on-going recovery
  • Maintain appropriate records regarding care provided and on-going needs