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Volunteer Coordination Team

Purpose: Right people, right work, right time. Maximize human resources in preparation, response and recovery.

Lead Agency: United Way

Roles & Responsibilities:

Preparing and Training

  • Recruit and register volunteers as response teams
  • Credentialing and vetting
  • Conduct annual Emergency Volunteer Center Simulation
  • Maintain volunteer housing contacts
  • Volunteer liability management

Emergency Response

  • Activate NVOAD deployment as needed
  • Provide volunteer housing
  • Set up an Emergency Volunteer Center
    • Coordinate with the United Way Volunteer Reception Center
    • Gather information about the need for volunteers
    • Register volunteers for disaster response
    • Credential volunteers for specialized tasks
    • Give volunteers assignments
    • Be a clearinghouse for disaster coordinators to request volunteers
    • Keep data on clients assisted and volunteers
    • Offer snacks and liquids for volunteers who come in


  • Provide ongoing voluntary rebuild labor
  • Recruit volunteers
  • Volunteer training¬†